What We Do

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Our Mission Statement

We seek to inspire local churches to raise up young leaders who have a vision to see their neighborhoods transformed by the gospel of Jesus Christ.

How Do We Do This?

Our goal is to partner with local churches by introducing them to the idea of Apologetics through worldview lenses. This includes helping them form classes or curriculum which leads their congregation through a cursory worldview engagement course. We understand that this model will look different based on the demographic and interest in each church.

Many pastors or youth leaders aren’t sure where to start when introducing their church or staff to thinking in a worldview and that’s where we hope to fill a need. We want to raise up leaders within each church context to carry on a robust apologetics program which functions alongside the faithful preaching of the word.


Our History

In 2011 I (Donnie) set out to start a blog merely for the purpose of getting free books (if we’re honest, haven’t many of us done so?) After getting through several hundred books in a few years I began to notice more of the culture around me by examining various secular philosophies and worldviews. Though I was, and am still, largely a novice in understanding various world religions, these volumes that were way over my head led me to take a greater interest in getting involved with the world of ideas.

I started this blog with a chaplain and a young man who would later take on a New Perspective on Paul. Through these two I began to see theology in varied ways and through various lenses which each wore. As I wrestled with what each had to say I found myself drawn to the Westminster Confession and ultimately to the 1689 London Confession.

What I saw in the 1689 Confession was a biblically based system of doctrine over against the prevailing philosophies which ruled much of the world I was involved in. It included a call to non-believers while instilling in believers a sense of the majesty of God. It gave a defense to concepts like the Trinity and divinity of Jesus while making the gospel plain enough for the outsider to be drawn in. This lead me to adopt the 1689 as my standard of confession and starting point for doing apologetics (built on the Bible of course).

Meet the Team



What is Apologetics?

Christian apologetics is the branch of Christianity which deals with defending the faith against any and all critics who oppose or question the revelation of God in Christ and the Bible. Topics typically include such subjects as the reliability of the New Testament, philosophy, mathematics, evolution, logic, evidences, biology, among others. It can also consist of simply giving an answer to a question raised about Jesus or a particular Bible passage.

From this definition it is clear to see that the apologetic endeavor not only includes defending Christianity against various world religions and secular philosophies but also includes doing apologetics in order to defend orthodoxy from heresies which have crept into the church over time.