The image of a lighthouse has been used for centuries to convey to both believers and non-believers that there is a foundation, a mooring, so solid and built with purpose that it’s a good analogy to use when ever the need arises. A light on a dark night, a beacon of hope for the weary traveler, a call to avoid danger, a solid ground when the waves are tormenting the ship on either side, it’s easy to see the connection between a lighthouse and the Christian faith.

Lauren Green, Fox News Religion Corespondent, has brought together some of her most profound stories of what this analogy of a what a lighthouse faith really looks like in everyday life. Lighthouse Faith: God as a Living Reality in a World Immersed in Fog is a glimpse from the waters of a troubled sea into the heart and minds of those we bump shoulders with every day. 

Under the tutelage of Dr. Timothy Keller, Green, has written a very intriguing view into the depth of knowing and being known, of loving and being loved and how the two go hand in hand if we are to live in this life with any form of meaning. It reads sort of like Reason for God with a switch of the context but engaging the same population of people who are haunted by the restlessness they feel in their souls.

If nothing else, this book will certainly cause something to stir inside you in such a way that you question the status quo. To the point that you begin to look for the light in your dark night is the point where you begin to understand the journey of people everywhere. They can hear the fog horn and see the light from the water but aren’t sure how to get there. Be that person who points them in the right direction and help them answer their questions in their pursuit of the light. This book will help you do that.


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