Discovering a Deeper Faith in Christ

The popularity of what some have labeled “Mere Christianity Apologetics” is overwhelming in some circles. Given that the movement, like any other, is not without its fair share of critiques this volume is a welcome face for those looking to deepen their faith and understand the Christian worldview from a popular and well-thought out evidential perspective.

Lee Strobel, of “Case for Christ” fame, and Mark Mittelberg who have helped a whole generation become “Contagious Christians” have put together an impressive devotion for those looking to get beyond the mere surface of things into a deeper examination of faith and truth. Today’s Moment Of Truth: Devotions To Deepen Your Faith In Christ gives the reader 180 devotions designed to lead them through the bible, philosophy, history, and science in order to draw a complete case for Christianity based on the evidence found within each of those realms.

My Covenantal approach to apologetics aside, this volume stands on the reputation of its authors and substantial evidence for questions of Canon, God’s existence, the authority of the Scriptures, and the like. This volume isn’t anything new or earth-shattering, we’ve seen all this before, but it is presented in a way that helps believers take bite-sized chunks each day and mull through them as they go about their business.

I would encourage believers to pick up this volume, but not only that. I would encourage them not to stop here. Don’t stop with a mere evidential reading of the Scriptures. Know the Word and the God of the bible as you begin to shape your Christian worldview based on the text and not the evidence. Evidence is incredibly important and therefore must be used, but we must begin on the foundation of Scripture and not on some other foundation.

That being said, this is a good place to start when digesting a form of apologetics dealing largely with the evidence available to us. It’s a good introduction to both authors and a good pathway into other similar works. This is a timely volume for an entire generation dealing with the issues raised in this volume. May many take up and read it and engage with the text of this volume but also the text of Scripture as the foundation for all they do.



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