As the elections loom near it’s a great time to talk about Eschatology. Some interpret the changing of tides as Christ’ return or even the moon turning red as being evidence of a sure rapture of Christians everywhere. With all the craziness out there, it’s vital to get this doctrine right.

9780825443442Written primarily for, from, and to those who believe in Dispensationalism, this book has much to offer the broader community of Christ’ people. It offers to start the conversation that many are fearing, namely that of the last days. This volume gives us an in road that many are shying away from. Whether it be from lack of understanding or complete ignorance on the subject, Eschatology: Biblical, Historical, and Practical Approaches seeks to break down those barriers and bring the doctrine of the last days to bear on people’s lives and in their ministries.

While not seeking to go into a whole defense of varying views on the doctrine of Eschatology, I do want to point out some articles in this volume which were particularly enlightening.  Glenn Kreider does an excellent job in his treatment of Edwards in discussing his view of future. Kreider here discusses the famous sermon series from Edwards, “The History of the Work of Redemption”. Though I disagree with his conclusions, the piece is still a fascinating view of Edwards from a different facet.

Another great piece is The Doctrine of the Future and the Marketplace. This pulls together all the previous articles and asks the question of them, “How shall we live in light of what the Bible says to us?” Should we as Christians abandon our stations and wait for the trumpets to sound? Should we cash in all our assets and live out our days in the wilderness somewhere? These are important questions Christians are asking and this volume helps to answer these questions with great insight as to what the Bible would have us do.

Though I can’t agree with all the conclusions in this volume it is needed and helpful nonetheless. We need to be having these conversations in our small groups, in our Sunday School classes, and from our pulpits. This will get serious minded students of the Word thinking in the right direction. May it be a valuable tool in the hand of many pastors and lay leaders.


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