Spurgeon once said, “The most important question concerning any man living is this, is he a saved soul or no? It is of comparatively little consequence whether he be rich or poor, educated or uneducated, compared with this. Is he among the living before God or is he dead in sins? Is he pardoned or unpardoned? Is he a child of God or an heir of wrath? Is he walking in the darkness or has he passed into the light? Hence of all the days of a man’s history the most important is the day in which he is born again.”

9780718083434Here’s the rub, for the unbeliever at least, how does one get to be pardoned and what are we pardoned from? This is where Jesus usually enters in and stirs up all sorts of juicy controversy. It is this Messiah who saves people from the flames of hell and eternal separation between unholy sinners and God’s glorious grace in the new Heavens and new Earth. Rice Broocks in his newest volume, Man, Myth, Messiah: Answering History’s Greatest Question seeks to bring this man to light as not only a historical figure in the flesh, but God condescended to us. 

From the beginning it is clear that Broocks is a man of intense study and has overturned resources that many would fail to investigate thoroughly. In answering both skeptics and atheists, Broocks takes a look at the natural and the supernatural events surrounding the life, death, and resurrection of Christ. He takes up the side of the non-believer and shares their arguments, at times better than they themselves are able to do, while in the same breath laying them bare and weightless.

As a companion to the popular films, God’s Not Dead I and II, this book does not disappoint. It get’s behind the minds of those asking questions about the faith and gives them quite the compelling evidence of this man who is both fully God and fully Man. Not only does Broocks lay out for the reader a compelling case to believe in Christ, he also presents the material in a fresh and engaging manner.

As a young aspiring apologist, I prefer the apologetic system commonly known as Covenantal Apologetics and hence have my disagreements with the methodology of reaching the unregenerate. Those qualms aside, this work is a great piece of evidence-based apologetics. i would recommend this as a great piece to get the believer thinking in the right direction and the unbeliever to think in the opposite direction. Broocks has definitely done a great work in compiling a mass of evidence for the life, death, and resurrection of Christ.


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