Everyone’s a Theologian: An Introduction to Systematic Theology

R.C. Sproul defines theology as an “orderly, coherent study of the principal doctrines of the Christian faith.”  From here he goes on to expound, for 60 chapters, each of those principal doctrines Protestant Christians have believed in for centuries. Not only does he expound on the development of each doctrine in relation to redemptive history, he goes further in guiding the reader to an orthodox understanding of each loci over against heretical trajectories past theologians have traveled.

9781567693652_EVE02BH_frontcoverAs with every volume Sproul has written, his well-read expertise shows through. He weaves a philosophical thread through each doctrine addressing both the practical applications of each, but also the deeper and more complex issue the specific doctrine is faced with. Here his “Ligonier Apologetic” shines most brightly. You can really tell Sproul is in his element as he challenges modern skepticism and outright atheism in response to their attacks on  existence of God and the revelation of His Son.

As an introduction, I could not recommend this enough. Sproul does an excellent job of getting to the heart of each doctrine as rooted in Holy Scripture and in the revelation of God’s character to mankind. He roots his study in this revelation and continues to build upon that mighty foundation. Each doctrine has been careful mulled over in the mind of Sproul as he leads the reader towards a greater understanding of the the Godhead and the glory contained therein.

One thing I appreciate about Sproul in general, which is found in this book, is that he does not dare speak where he does not think the Bible speaks. For example, in claiming not to know the exact age of the earth Sproul simply claims that he doesn’t know. Both the Old Earth theory and the Young Earth theory hold water in their various arguments. The Scripture does not explicitly say that “In the beginning God created the earth 6000 years ago” hence the apprehension to claim one side over the other.

As a counterpart to  What is Reformed Theology, Everyone’s a Theologian is sure to add great value to anyone’s study of theology. Whether you’re just getting into the vast ocean of literature dealing with Systematic Theology or you are years into it, Sproul is sure to bring life and clarity to your study. His turn of phrase and his skill in many subject areas comes together to create an introduction to doctrine unlike any other.


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