Deepening our Knowledge of the Triune God of Scripture

In the midst of what seems to be a crazy internet debate*, the doctrine of the Trinity has once again cropped up in various theological circles and people from all denominations are weighing in all across the world. Learned men from a large swatch of denominations are constantly adding value to the discussion by viewing the Trinity from all possible angles and searching out all the possible trajectories at play here.

WhatTheBibleTeachesAboutTheTRINITYCOVERpromo_1024x1024Seeing the nuances of this debate makes volumes like What the Bible Teaches about the Trinity so vital to a proper understanding of ad intra relations within the Trinity. Not only does Stuart Olyott provide stunning clarity here on a vast subject, he takes readers along a theological journey that is sure to add strength to any foundation. In unfolding the biblical revelation of who God is, Olyott provides for the reader, glimpses into the eternal generation of the Son and the eternal procession of the Holy Spirit, among other vital chapters.

At just under 100 pages it’s possible to finish this in just one sitting. The content, however, takes a lifetime to understand as the Trinity carries inherently within itself a level of paradox. How can one exhaustively understand that God is one and many? How can we wrap our finite minds around the fact that God is equally both one and three? These things are too lofty for us to attain to, and even on the other side of glory we will continue to dwell with God while maintaining a level of paradox.

Olyott draws on a large reservoir of historical theology to show the reader how different aspects of the doctrine of the Trinity have grew up over time. In closing he leads the reader through a minefield of errors to avoid as we study, think, and speak of the Trinity and the character of the Godhead.

As the doctrine on which “every distinctive gospel doctrine rests” we must not be too hasty in rushing past a volume such as this one. What the Bible Teaches about the Trinity is a vital resource which should be in the hands of every pastor and teacher of Gods revealed Word. The companion volume on the Trinity, What the Bible Teaches about the Person of Christ is sure to be another helpful resource.

Stuart Olyott. What the Bible Teaches About the Trinity. Welwyn Garden City, UK: EP Books, 2016, 112 pp. $9.99.

*As of 06/17/2016, Reformed Forum has compiled a great deal of resources on this controversy. It seems that the list will be updated to match the growing number of articles being added to the mix.


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