Reformed Theological Seminary

RTS Distance Education is my go to when it comes to online education. They have courses which cover almost all the major loci of theology. With professors like Michael Krueger, Douglas Kelly, and John Muether, it’s hard to go wrong. Some of my favorite picks of the litter are Dr. Fortson’s trek through American Presbyterianism and Christian Apologetics taught by Dr. James N. Anderson. RTS also has some unique offerings to choose from such as Christian Encounter with Islam and a course on the life and writings of C.S. Lewis.

Their Mission: Reformed Theological Seminary exists to glorify the Triune God and to serve His Church in all branches of evangelical Christianity, especially Presbyterian and Reformed churches, by providing Reformed graduate theological education that is globally accessible. RTS equips its students for ministry, primarily through pastoral preparation, to be servant leaders marked by “A Mind for Truth, A Heart for God.”



Dallas Theological Seminary

A ton of my favorite pastors and scholars come from DTS so it’s a bit odd for me to say I don’t have much experience with this app. They have three main areas in their app under the heading of “online education” all which look to be loaded full of quality content. Under the titles Biblical Exposition, Theological Studies, and Practical Ministry, the DTS app seeks to back up their mission statement through quality online education. I look forward especially to the World Missions and Evangelism offering on this app.

Their Mission: The mission of Dallas Theological Seminary as a professional, graduate-level school is to glorify God by equipping godly servant-leaders for the proclamation of His Word and the building up of the body of Christ worldwide.



Covenant Theological Seminary Worldwide Classroom

I’m just going to jump right into the good stuff here. With two courses on Francis Schaeffer, there is no reason to not have this app on your phone. These courses (Francis Schaeffer: The Early Years and Francis Schaeffer: The Later Years) along with Apologetics and Outreach are all taught by Jerram Barrs whose wife was the secretary for Francis and Edith Schaeffer some time ago. Barrs brings an intimate knowledge of the couple and their life’s work at L’Abri into a great set of lectures which do not disappoint. CTS offers a course on The History of Hymnody and Children’s Literature which do not seem to be offered anywhere else.

Their Mission: The purpose of Covenant Theological Seminary is to glorify the Triune God by training his servants to WALK in God’s grace, MINISTER God’s Word, and EQUIP God’s people—all for God’s MISSION.



Southern Evangelical Seminary

As an institution which focuses primarily on Apologetics and Philosophy, the SES app is full of material sure to get the intellectual juices flowing. The down side of this app is that because the emphasis is so much on apologetics and philosophy, theology is left out of the mix almost entirely. That’s not to say the seminary itself is short on theology, this is solely true of the app itself. That being said, this app is great for engaging things like Darwinism, Islam, and Young Earth Presuppositionalism.

Their Mission: To train students to think clearly, critically, and rationally while engaging people in meaningful dialogue. We have professors who will challenge students minds, strengthen students faith, and warm students hearts. We are educators, but we’re also compassionate brothers and sisters in Christ who will come alongside our students in their journey.




Biblical Training was app I cut my theological teeth on. This app has a fantastic amount of quality classes and lectures on a huge range of topics. Everything from intros to Buddhism and Hinduism to Greek Tools for Biblical Study can be found here. The only qualm I have with this app is the content is not easily accessible. Many classes are buried under 3 to 4 sub folders which make finding the content a bit frustrating. The amount and diversity of content, however, is enough to make the frustration worth it. If you’re new in the faith or just needing a reminder of the arc of biblical redemption, this is the place to start.

Their Mission: is not-for-profit ministry that gives all people access to a world-class Christian education. Our classes range from new believers to biblical literacy, leadership development, and seminary-level training. These three programs of study insure that your education is systematic and complete. We encourage holistic transformation through mentor/apprentice relationships, learning in community, using the head/heart/hands model. All Bible classes are taught by world-class professors from major seminaries, and we now offer over 1,000 hours in over 90 classes.



Bonus Materials:

I would be remiss of me to fail to mention the following resources that I use on a daily basis. The reason they did not make the list is because these resources don’t actually have apps. I have to access the RSS feeds through a podcast aggregator in order to get the content. Some of the resources below don’t have RSS feeds and must be downloaded directly from the source.

Westminster Theological Seminary Media Center

Along with the content from WTS available in iTunes, the media center is an invaluable resource for those looking to get a hold of the men who built the foundation of what WTS stands for today. Among the audio selections I’ve found particularly helpful were, Tim Keller on Ecclesiology, Harvie Conn on Urban Ministry, and the Doctrine of Salvation from Richard B. Gaffin. It’s hard to go wrong with any of these resources WTS is offering free of charge.

Douglas Groothuis course on Christian Apologetics

This is a fantastic course that I have worked through a couple times. The content is great and offers a fantastic intro to both philosophy and doctrine. Dr. Groothuis is the director of the Ethics and Apologetics program at Denver Seminary.


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