Big Dreams, Big Prayers Bible for Kids

As a father of two, I’m always seeking ways to encourage my children to seek the Lord. The greatest example I can give my children is a father who continually is communing with the Most High. The Big Dreams, Big Prayers Bible for Kids helps me to show my children a biblical view of prayer, but more importantly gives them opportunity to participate in that divine communion.

As I read through the text with my oldest, currently Acts, she is very perceptive to what’s going on and is in a never-failing question mode. I understand that fathers, and mothers, may use this insert as a crutch and only say the selected prayers and nothing more. I see it as a launching point to guide my children’s thoughts to a fuller understanding of the theological implications made through prayer.

91yOtYDXs0LBefore you comment about my parenting, I want to make a note here. This Bible, and many like it, are certainly great for helping children know and understand what they are reading. How can one understand the dire expression of remorse Ezra made before his people, or the prayer which David most assuredly prayed while on his face before God? We need help, but the help must be used as a scaffolding and not as the permanent structure.

What I mean to say is that, though the helps in this Bible are great for my 6 year old child, she must not learn to rest alone on the helps but instead be renewed by the Word as she continues to be transformed by the Holy Spirit. I’m grateful that there are helps for dads like me. Though my library holds 300+ Reformed volumes, I must continually train my child in the way they are to go.This Bible has had some part in allowing me to do that and I am eternally grateful that products like this are out there for dads like me.

The language of the NIV is easily understandable and does not confuse my daughter. She has her own version which she loves and as an aid, I thought the prayer helps in this volume would help her. As I listen to her pray I can tell that some of what I am sharing from this volume is having an effect. Sure I would love for her to spurt out some Jonathan Edwards, but I must begin where she’s at. The The Big Dreams, Big Prayers Bible helps me to do that.


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