The Word of Life: New Testament Audio Bible

I love Star Wars and I love the Bible. So what happens when Darth Vader reads the Bible? Pure Awesomeness! Now this specific audio bible isn’t read by James Earl Jones but it does have an all-star case of actors reading through some of the most beloved passages in the New Testament.

pp-172The Word of Promise: New Testament Audio Biblebased on the popular Passion of Christ movie, features the voice of Jim Caviezel as that of Jesus Christ. In a sub-par performance, Caviezel, presents Christ as a melancholy and almost somber messiah as he performs the interactions recorded for us in the four gospels. To be sure there are some parts where Christ must have been somber and in those moments the voice is spot-on, but as a whole reading of the four gospels, the voice sounds unrehearsed and unresearched. 

Once past the gospels and into the epistles, the voices become more of a joy to listen to. The voice of Paul is especially warm as he comments Timothy and warns Titus. There is one things that I picked up that sort of drew my attention from the vocals and that was the constant scratch of a plume against a scroll. It hums behind every track and draws the mind away from the flow of the audio. Though it can paint a fuller picture of Paul and his scribe, I found it to be unhelpful.

The audio quality is great and there doesn’t seem to be any tracking issues when skipping from one “chapter” to another. The music in the background plays on a loop and unless paying close attention to the music itself it’s hard to pick up  where the track ends and where it begins. As a whole this is a quality bible in the NKJV translation, a trusted version for several years now.

I own several audio bibles and they all rise and fall in their own various ways. For those fans of the movie this will be a wonderful addition to the understanding of the Word of God which is a valuable tool for anyone to have. If it didn’t sound like that actors did this solely for a paycheck, it might have turned out a bit different. But as it is, it works and is a good tool for the beginner to dive into.


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