Doing the Right Thing: A Six-Part Exploration of Ethics

Francis Shaeffer asked the question, “How should we then live?”  back in a day very different from ours. The book with the same title is still on must-read list for all those involved in answering that very question. In 1998, seeing the need for an updated question, Chuck Colson revised the question and proposed to the public, “How Now Shall We Live?” That question must be asked of every generation and in Doing the Right Thing: A Six-Part Exploration of Ethics, Colson is joined by heavyweights Robert George, Glenn Sunshine, Fr. Robert Sirico, and Brit Hume among others.

As a small group curriculum these videos provide answers to Christians who hold the questions but have not yet found the answers. In an age where the very definition of marriage is being refined and character is being sloughed off as non-essential, the men on this panel provide an excellent way back to scripture as the foundation of our conduct in the culture we find ourselves in.

Doing the Right Thing explores the following questions in great detail:

  • How did we get into this mess?
  • Is there truth or a moral law that we can all know?
  • If we know what is right, can we do it?
  • What does it mean to be human, and why does it matter?
  • How do we rebuild and apply ethics and morality in the marketplace and public life?

While not an exhaustive curriculum it does provide some very helpful clarifications in areas our culture has gone off the rails. They draw on powerful writings of the past which include; The Abolition of Man, Letters from the Birmingham Jail, and St. Thomas Aquinas’ Summa Theologica.

4888_9780310619161In a panel-type discussion the six main characters create a stimulating discussion while incorporating questions from the live audience which includes both students and business professionals. Held on the beautiful Princeton University campus hosted by The Witherspoon Institute in partnership with the Colson Center for Christian Worldveiw. The videography is tight and clear as well as the audio quality. Interspersed throughout the discussions are interviews and clips taken from some of today’s best thinkers.

I would highly recommend this volume to churches and families everywhere. As a father of two small children who are growing up in a relativist world, this material has been especially helpful for me. I believe pastors and apologists, layman and clergy all need this material at their fingertips. For only $30.00 from the Colson Center it’s a bargain for material of this quality. Doing the Right Thing is a small group curriculum but it certainly offers more than that. It offers a way through the muck and mire we’re faced with everyday. The Christian worldview is bombarded every day and we must have the necessary tools in our arsenal. This set should be one of them.



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