Give Her Wings: Help and Healing After Abuse

I have the privilege every day of working alongside some of the most amazing people and I’m honored to call them friends. One of those friends is a wonderful person named Megan Cox. After reading her story in Give Her Wings: Help and Healing After Abuse, I am blown away by both the grace of God in her life and the beauty of redemption that God continually shows his children.

Megan’s story is one of abuse, disgrace, shame, and through those things Give Her Wingsit turns out to be a story of blessing and of a Redeemer whose arm is not too short to save His people. Over and over again Megan is pursued by a relentless God who loves her passionately though  her life had been wrapped in darkness and despair for years.

This is more than a story of trauma at the hands of an abusive husband, it’s a manual of how you can begin to live life to the fullest after being rescued from the darkness of a relationship like that. It’s a beam of light in the darkness of abuse that seems to hang over even the best fighters. Here we have a wonderful mingling of beauty and sorrow, shame and grace, pain and joy.

Piled on top of what Megan went through personally the weight of a parent leading children through this situation was especially tough to read. As a parent myself I would want the best for my children but would I be able to come through for them in such a situation? I’m glad to say that I would not be able to, on my own strength, but as Megan examples so well, the strength to fly across the Atlantic away from her abuser with her children was not in her own person but given to her as a promise which she had from Scripture.

As a special gift from Megan, one of the founders of Give Her Wings, an organization specially placed to help mothers who have left abusive situations, has offered a FREE COPY OF HER E-BOOK, Give Her Wingsfor the entire of November 2015. You can get your e-book here when you purchase a gift or make a donation to the organization.

Connect with Give Her Wings on Facebook Twitter, or directly on their website at


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