Thriving in Babylon

61-C4bphQAL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_In his newest volume Thriving in Babylon, Larry Osborne warns his readers that following the example of Daniel may, “cause you to question your sanity, while others may question your commitment to Jesus.” What follows this somewhat comical, yet prophetically true statement, is a short introduction on how we are to live as agents of God’s grace in a morally bankrupt culture. Not only that, he also shows us how to do so with wisdom and humility.

This volume is divided into five neat sections, each tacking its own subject while building off the previous. Section one begins by introducing the reader to Daniel and his context. He contrasts the greatness of Nebuchadnezzar, in the eyes of man at least, with the greatness of Daniel’s God. Section two prepares the reader to operate in the same way Daniel did but in our context today. Section Three through Five consist of the meat of the volume. Here we see Hope, Humility, and Wisdom expounded for us.

Larry Osborne is not content to tell people that they should “dare to be a Daniel”, but goes further and shows people what that means in a helpful way instead of being a shallow battle cry. He gives us examples of how we can practically live out the Truth in a way that Daniel would have even though only 3 others stood with him out of many.

This volume is short and to the point but is filled with great examples and clear writing. Many will be challenged by this book and rightly so, that’s the point. Daniel did things in his day that many are afraid to emulate. They don’t think Daniel has ramifications for life today. Those are the men and women who will continue to live in the shadows, while the others who do follow in Daniels footsteps will be the ones who advance the kingdom in  an unprecedented way.

Osborne, L. (2015). Thriving in Babylon: Why Hope, Humility, and Wisdom Matter in a Godless Culture (p. 224). Colorado Springs, Colorado: David C. Cook.


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