Marriage on the Mend

marriage-on-the-mend-book-4An interesting thing happens when you get two sinners together and have them covenant before God to love and honor one another. Things can go well, for a time, but every now and then the cracks begin to become apparent and things start to fall apart. How can we keep our marriages strong after finding ourselves fragmented? That’s exactly what Clint and Penny Bragg seek to answer in their painful, yet grace filled, story Marriage on the Mend Healing Your Relationship After Crisis, Separation, or Divorce.

It’s no surprise that marriage, in it’s original and intended meaning, is a joke to today’s culture. Divorce and remarriage is something we have come to expect of those who “fall out of love” with their spouses. The very idea of divorce is ingrained in the minds of children so that when they grow, they know nothing other. It’s a sad day when children know pain and hurt more than they are aware of any kind of love due to them.

The Bragg’s begin on a simple premise. “There is no relationship in such a state of ruin that it remains beyond God’s reach.” This truth is hard to read through as the story of their harsh separation and their glorious reunion plays out in a short 240 page narrative. Not only does their narrative come standard with strife and envy but along the way that picked up helpful tools to assist others who are on that long road of recovery.

This book is filled with practical wisdom and points of conversation to be shared between spouses. The Bragg’s are also generous with the amount of outside help they garner, meaning that they provide helpful URL’s and places to further enhance and mend broken marriages. They are able to provide such a depth of wisdom to others because of the depths they sunk to during their first marriage. After climbing from the muck, they had a wonderful story of grace to fill that void that had torn each other apart.

If you’re going through a tough time in your marriage, talk to someone. Talk to God! There is hope for the deepest hurt, the darkest betrayal. I know this firsthand, because I have talked to so many hurt and devastated by circumstances in their marriage. I have walked through tear-soaked fields with men and women who live in the trenches of marital brokenness. Just beyond the fog and disillusion of the pain lies grace-filled arms. The arms of Christ beckon you to come and find rest for your weary souls. Christ bids you to come and Marriage on the Mend is a terrific example of how that grace plays out in the lives of normal people.

Bragg, Clint, and Penny A. Bragg. Marriage on the Mend Healing Your Relationship After Crisis, Separation, or Divorce. Grand Rapids, Michigan: Kregel Publications, 2015. 248. Print.


One Reply to “Marriage on the Mend”

  1. At times things(marriage) can be very difficult, but there is always an answer if we seek the Lord. No matter how religious, or devoted to the Lord, we all are going to run into hard times. In every situation there is a lesson to learn, and in learning we obtain a closer relationship with our mate and the Lord.


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