Loving God With Your Mind

18167386“He has led us well”, write Paul Gould and Richard Brian Davis in their volume dedicated to philosopher J.P. Moreland, Loving God With Your MindIn this collection of essays there is no shortage of brilliant minds. Contributors range from Douglas Groothuis and Paul Copan to Scott Rae and Stewart Goetz. The sections presented here explore the deep well of knowledge and thinking which has been lent to us by the grace of God in the person of J.P. Moreland.

This volume is broken down into three parts that explore varying facets of Morelands thought. Section 1 explores the reflections which have been made in the area of metaphysics. Section 2 builds upon the first and explores the metaphysical world in which we live. Here, Moreland not only speaks to the Christian, but to those involved in the fields of Ethics, Philosophy, and Science. Section 3 drives the reader into enemy territory. Here the reader encounters the world corrupted by sin and broken by the depths of depravity inherited through Adam.

It is the last section which brings together the entire volume. It forces the reader to ask himself, “Now what?” The contributors bring us the brilliance of the gospel in the final pages in an engaging and winsome way. They are careful to engage the mind while simultaneously gripping the heart. The contributions of Moreland have throughout the years not only been for the thinking Christian, which we should all be, but has also appealed to those who wired to act.

This volume is well written though it’s not intended for a popular audience. Some of the metaphysical language used is beyond the reach of some in the pews yet the conclusions are as relevant as ever. Loving God With Your Mind is more about honoring J.P. Moreland, it’s about honoring Christ and urging the reader to pursue the glory of God with their entire heart, soul, mind, and body. We need in this very hour more men like Moreland who would contribute so heavily to our understanding of the gospel.  

Gould, Paul, and Richard Brian Davis, eds. Loving God with Your Mind Essays in Honor of J. P. Moreland. Chicago: Moody, 2013. 272. Print.


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