History, Law and Christianity

Publication1When C.S. Lewis writes a personal letter stating , “I don’t think it could be bettered“, in regards to the volume you’re about to undertake, you may do well to read carefully the material. In this small stick of dynamite, on History, Law and Christianity, John Warwick Montgomery carefully handles the evidence as a master lawyer would handle the most precious of cases. He not only presents a thorough view of the evidence but is also able to dismantle the defense which is brought forth by those who argue against Christianity.

In the text we find a modified lecture which was presented at University of British Columbia. Not only does the author provide detailed answers to relevant challenges, he presents the material against Christianity with charity and fairness. He understands the seemingly complex arguments lodged against the New Testament and the truth contained therein.

This book is constructed with four basic parts. Part One shows four critical errors made by those who oppose the historicity of the New Testament. Part Two details and defends the accuracy of the New Testament documents, using standard tests commonly applied to the understanding of the historicity of ancient documents. Part Three is a carefully constructed defense of the hypostatic union, or the divine and human natures of Christ. Part Four builds on a foundation laid out for us by C.S. Lewis, in investigating the claims of Jesus to be the Son of God. In this last section Warwick shows the only alternatives to Christ claiming he was the Son of God are that he was either a lunatic or a liar.

Overall this volume is a wonderfully crafted argument. It’s tenets are based in Scripture and it’s outworking logically flow from there. This short work is great for small group study or an intro to apologetics. It’s limited number of pages are perfect for gifting to those who would question Christianity, for in these pages we have a solid foundation from which to engage these topics. We all as Christians, despite our theological levels, would do well to dig into this treasure.


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