Review: An Introduction to Biblical Ethics

AnIntroductionToBiblicalEthics_FNL_CVR“How should we then live?” A question proposed by Francis Schaeffer is as relevant today as it has ever been. In the shadow of the threat of religious liberty being torn apart and marriage being redefined, we must stand on the foundation we have laid out for us in the Bible. As the infallible and inerrant word of God we must again turn to see how God would respond to that question. In An Introduction to Biblical Ethics we have an uncovering of the answers we need to live out our Christian faith today.

This volume serves as introductory material at the most basic level of study. It’s deep enough to swim in but shallow enough that one may wade in it without fear of getting lost in the immensity of the subject. It draws from a rich heritage of writings on the subject from men like John Frame, Paul and John Feinberg, and Nelson Kloosterman. It combines the best from these writings into a compact edition that engages the reader with fresh insight. 

In seeking to define the subject of Biblical Ethics, David Jones formulates the following definition; “Biblical Ethics can be understood as thee attempt to understand what it means both to live and to think biblically.” Working from this basic understanding of the discipline, the reader has a foundation on which to take in the rest of the volume.

Without wading through the details of each chapter I will say that the ebb and flow of this volume has a very teachable way about it. It’s filled with practical insight into the various aspects of ethics. Jones is very careful to define his terms and how those terms fit into the rest of the schema. Overall this volume is a great introduction to something that will take the readers deeper than a surface level thinking on the subject.

David Jones is careful to make sure the reader tracks with him through each phase of discussion. Through the use of charts and summary points, this volume is easy to digest on a single read. One may want to spend a little more time with a few aspects but on the whole this volume is an easy read if one is willing to spend the time in it.

Jones, David. An Introduction to Biblical Ethics. Nashville: B&H, 2013. 240. Print.


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