0718030524It’s no surprise that my daughter loves to read. She will pick up a book and just go for it until she’s reached the last page. So it’s not a shock to see that her eyes widened when I told her that UPS was coming to deliver her a book. Before the package even arrived she wanted to know the contents of the book. She likes to make sure the book was on her approved list of topics. Now that we have received Brave Girls: Better Than Perfect I look forward to getting through it with her every step of the way.

The Brave Girls series is all about allowing young ladies to ask all the hard questions. Even from a young age girls are asking some important questions that will shape their futures drastically. Am I fat? Will I fit in? Do people like me? Am I pretty enough? These are not only questions that stay with ladies most of their lives but the answers they receive will shape their thinking. I prefer my daughter not to get answers from the world so I am thankful that Tommy Nelson has published this series, based on the Scriptures, for little girls like mine.

Each devotion is structured in such a way as to engage the young minds reading them. They begin with an opening from Scripture. Continuing from there they build a thought-provoking devotion, designed to build up the young lady, and end with a closing prayer that helps little readers (and their parents) to engage each day with God.

This 90-day devotion falls in line with the other products in the Brave Girls Series. They not only have devotions but have also contributed stories which are designed to teach young ladies all about God and themselves. Also be on the lookout in October of 2015 for a Brave Girls Full-Text Bible.


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