The laughter of God on the lips of my children

little child babyEveryday I get to work for a ministry that reaches out to a hurting and lost world. I hear stories of heartbreak and devastation. I hear from parents who struggle to raise their kids with biblical values and principles. Apart from the 9 hours at work, my greatest joy in life is to hear the screams and giggles of my children as soon as my hand turns the doorknob at home. They jump and scream and, for some odd reason, try to wrestle me to the ground before I even set my bag down.

Don’t get me wrong, parenting has its own set of problems and challenges that I am often slow in learning. Not only am I charged by God with taking care of two beautiful, strong, and intelligent children, I also have a wife to care for  and love with all my being. No matter how many parenting books I read through, websites I visit each day, or steps I take in caring for my family, the fact is that everyday I need grace in those areas. I’m at best a miserable sinner in need of new mercies every morning.

So what is it about being a parent that’s worth it? Is the days my wife and I spent in the NICU? The sleepless nights of vomiting and sickness? Those are all helpful for growth but they don’t make it worth it. Laughter. That’s it. Hearing my kids laugh and giggle instills in me a truth that God has enjoyed blessing me with children. I can feel his pleasure in their laughter. They bring me a joy like no other. Surely loving my wife is a joy all its own, but the children complete the picture of what my family means to me. It’s truly a blessing I want to treasure each day.

What are some of the joys, or hardships, you have had in parenting? I would love to hear any stories you have.


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