Miracles of JesusBooks for children on the bible flood the market today. Every aspect of the Scriptures have been dissected and broken down in easy bite-sized sections for the young reader. For a little over 5 years now my children have loved reading the stories that Zondervan has produced in their I Can Read Series. The current volume my children are digesting are the stories of the Miracles of Jesus

The layout and illustrations are familiar to me and my kids as we work our way through the life of Jesus. My daughter breezes through wondering what’s next but my son is still in that stage where he wants to know everything about the stories. Who is that woman? Why is she on the ground? Why does Jesus have long hair? The Adventure Bible makes these questions a little easier to answer with engaging illustrations and an easy to follow story line. The colors are bright and eye-catching which keeps my son interested, even if for now he does ignore the dialogue.

As a young Christian the NIV was where my faith lived. I’ve moved on to other translations since then but my kids love NIV stories at their level. I’m glad there’s a long-standing tradition in these children’s stories that Zondervan and the NIV have produced which stick with my kids even after they’ve graduated from them. My kids are able to read these on their own and follow along in a manner that suits them best. Zondervan keeps producing engaging children’s stories and I think my kids are better off for it. 


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