Review: I Can Learn the Bible

Hawkins Shivers, Holly. I Can Learn The Bible The Joshua Code For Kids: 52 Devotions And Scriptures For Kids. Nashville: Tommy Nelson, 2014. 224.

I Can Learn the BibleIt’s true that the market for children’s bible literature over-saturates the market today. How can parents weed through the sea of material to find the pearl they are looking for? The search is enough to make one pull out their hair. Being a fan, more likely an obsessed father, over the literature my children reads mean I like to have an eye on resources that can help  my children grow and flourish as they study the Word. I Can Learn the Bible: The Joshua Code for Kids: 52 Devotions and Scriptures for Kids is a volume I can rely on teach important scriptures to my children without the added influence of culture creeping in.

Apart from the Holy Bible my daughter loves to read this book. She sits and reads it to her younger brother while my son just looks at the good illustrations. Written by the daughter of famed legend, O.S. Hawkins, Holly Hawkins Shivers has included in this short little book a good primer to get children going in scripture memory. The Scriptures are taken from the International Children’s Bible Translation and really brings the level of reading down to about the 3rd grade level.

The volume also includes activities for the parents to do along with their children and a little lesson on how children can apply these truths to their lives. It’s nice to know that there is volumes out there seeking not only to apply the words of God but to etch them on little memories for a lifetime. This volume is written in such a way that engages the child while allowing room for the parent to teach the fuller meaning of Scripture alongside a fun activity. This book is perfect for parents who aren’t sure where to start in teaching their children the Bible.


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