Exposing the flaw of Atheist arguments with Norman Geisler

Geisler, Norman, and Daniel McCoy. The Atheist’s Fatal Flaw Exposing Conflicting Beliefs. Grand Rapids: Baker, 2014. 192. Print.

It’s no surprise today that as the culture around us continues to influence those in the church, the apologetic for the Bible seems to be glowing less and less. How as defenders of the gospel can we begin to turn the tides against this ever-increasing movement? The most simple answer is by turning the atheist argument on its head by allowing it to refute itself. The Atheist’s Fatal Flaw: Exposing Conflicting Beliefs does just that for us and oh so much more.

9780801016462In ten short chapters in what is a relatively compact volume the authors take us into the complex arguments that atheism today is making against the biblical worldview and truth claims. The authors do a fantastic job of laying out the argument without creating straw men arguments, and piece by piece begin to deconstruct their ideas. They expose the false premises which lay just behind the scenes and expose the shaky ground which the atheist uses to construct his worldview on. The authors stick to topics that are big factors today such as; “The Problem of Moral Evil” and “The Value of Human Autonomy.”

The humanistic ideas of atheism today are constantly being overturned in this volume by simply letting the words speak for themselves. At first glance the arguments may sound convincing, even true at times, but in this volume they are shown in a light not seen in many of the debates going on today. Geisler and McCoy have a surgical precision which separates the layers and peels back the false notions which fuel their arguments. It is so helpful to see how removing a tiny block in their “logical Jenga tower” begins to tear down the entire argument.

This volume isn’t large and it isn’t overly wordy but some of the philosophical discussion can get some people bogged down in the linguistic weeds. There is much more that can be said against the atheist worldview than these short chapters have provided but it’s definitely a great place to get in the race.  The text flows from subject to subject and is sure to not lose the reader down a rabbit hole along the way. The authors have a done a swell job by placing the ball in a court where we can all play.


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