Sproul, R.C., and Keith Mathison. Not a Chance God, Science, and the Revolt against Reason. Expanded ed. Grand Rapids: Baker Group, 2014. 256. Print.

In my quest for the knowledge of God few men have been so helpful as R.C. Sproul and the fellows at Ligonier Ministries. His upholding of the truth and tenacious defense of the gospel has led me to a deeper understanding of Scripture and a more heartfelt devotion to Christ. With one of his latest, Not a Chance God, Science, and the Revolt against Reason, he does not disappoint. Here we see the perfect melding of Science, Philosophy, and Theology. Sproul uses clear language and cogent arguments to refute the self-refuting worldviews of atheists and agnostics alike. He reaches back to the past and introduces the origins of thought and ideas in a way that the reader is brought up to current speed about the worldviews floating around today.

sproul2_0In 11 chapters Sproul and Mathison show the reader a way through the basic idea of thoughts which permeate the society we live in today. They begin with a soft pillow and move into the cosmos will relative ease. Though the language is readable the text itself has to be wrestled with. As someone who trusts the word of Sproul, though fallible, I  understand that he stands upon the shoulders of confessionaly reformed giants who have wrested with such topics in the past. Readers who are not familiar with his ministry or writings may have to do a little behind the scenes digging into the arguments and their counter-points which are raised in this book.

The average reader may struggle through sections which are unfamiliar or misunderstood by the majority of the church today. Sections that deal with the cosmological argument and others like it will likely be new to the average church-goer sitting in the pew, like myself. These sections I had to digest slowly and reread with great patience. Though I consider these arguments built on the foundation of scripture it was hard for me to follow along the philosophical flow of the text. Others who find their center in philosophy will need some patience as Sproul deals with the biblical text in such a way as to demand a basic understanding of the basic aspects of revelation.

I feel this volume will serve the church well, especially those in the pulpit or those who deal with teaching. Written from a Reformed perspective this volume is definitely one I am so honored to have on my shelf. It will serve well in this age where the Christian worldview is attacked at every point and we must strive intellectually to defend the faith now more than ever. With the rise of what some have termed “New Atheism” Sproul and Mathison have provided us in this volume a weapon which has been forged in the fire of Scripture and tried in the gauntlet of devoted study.

Not only do these two provide for us a clear path to tread in our ever-changing culture, they also open up for the reader a world which operates just behind the scenes. In that, I mean that what we perceive on the surface of fancy words and “right living” lay worldviews which are ultimately a suppression of the righteousness of God. We have in the bible the ultimate reality of human depravity and the barriers we as Christians face when we come face to face with opposing ideas. I’m glad volumes like this one and others like it are advancing the intellect of Christians all over the world in an age where we are simply told that Christianity is a descent into mere stupidity. This one deserves a careful study and a notebook full of notes. It may take me a while to digest the content but I know in the end, I will be able to defend the Christian faith with strong arguments built on the foundation of Scripture.


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