The Evangelism Study Bible (p. 1564). (2014). Grand Rapids: Kregel Publications.

I have a lot of study bibles come across my path. There is a study bible for every occasion in life and it seems every profession as well. There are also study bibles to match the great doctrines of the faith. If you’re looking for a bible that has to deal with faith, marriage, recovery, and any other problem you’re facing, chances are there just the bible with your name on it. So where do bibles like The Evangelism Study Bible fit in to the crazy mix and match world we call study bibles? This particular bible is all about reaching souls for Christ. In every study note or how-to feature the goal of pulling men and women from the darkness is evident.

81qHlh0D28LWith the standard text of the bible is inserted nearly 3000 study notes and almost 300 evangelism tips. Both the notes and articles are designed in such a way as to prepare the reader how to evangelize and the importance of doing so. The format allows the reader to not be distracted from the text in order to learn evangelistic tools along the way. The inspiration for this new version comes from the command given to us in Matthew 4:19 where Jesus tells his disciples, “follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.” That passage along with a slew of others have led the editors to publish a volume so focused on putting into the hands of Christians everywhere a volume meant to guide them through the text in a way that is both teachable and understandable.

Though I usually prefer my bible without notes, though there is a few exceptions, this text is a pretty safe bet when it comes to the tools of the evangelists trade. The articles are written from a slightly leaning Arminian standpoint yet hold on to the center point for all their messages as Christ. Without grossly misconstruing the intent of the author I’ll leave the structure behind the notes at that. Overall though this volume is very readable as far as the notes go, and alongside the NKJV translation this bible is suitable for those starting out sharing their faith without wanting to jump into the ocean that is the doctrines of grace.


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