Navigating the Frameworks of the New Testament

Larson, E. (2012). Frameworks: How to Navigate the New Testament (p. 372). Danville: Frameworks Resources.

Every now and then a book comes along that you get real excited about. A book that takes you by the hand and guides you through the New Testament with small, easily-attainable steps. Frameworks: How to Navigate the New Testament is that book for new believers. As the subtitle suggests, it is an Extraordinary Guide for Ordinary people. So how does this guided tour differ from that of any other? To start off with the pages of this manual are filled will colorful illustrations and eye-catching photographs. They spur memory of the sections along with the easily readable text. The details of this volume help make this a highly readable and teachable volume on NT Surveys. This book is broken down in the following ten questions for each of the 27 books that make up the latter portion of our canon:

  • Intro — What is this book like?
  • Theme — What is this book about?
  • Purpose — Why was it written?
  • Outline — How is the book organized?
  • Verses — How does it read?
  • Navigation — How do I move through it?
  • Unique things — What makes the book or its author special?
  • Recap — What should I remember most?
  • Question — How can I explore further or go deeper?
  • Insights — What one verse can I apply right now?

The overall look of the pages and feel of the text lends itself to being an easily teachable volume. New believers and seasoned veterans can be helped by a look at the simplicity of the message of Christ by breaking it down into bite-size portions. Whether you’re beginning one Sunday at a time or you’ve triumphed over the most massive of NT texts, this little paperback is a refreshing addition to introductory volumes. Some may find that a more in-depth study is necessary but this is a great place to start.

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