Review: Daughters in Danger from Nelson Books

The issue of gender roles has been dumped on the American public and many are at a loss of what to do and how to handle the current situations facing the family. Our daughters face an uncertain future unless there are those who are willing to step in and put in some effort to end the bleakness that looms on the horizon. Daughters in Danger was written as a humble attempt by Elayne Bennett, M.ED., for the purpose of allowing our sons and daughters to realize that their dreams do not have to fit in this culture we live in. They don’t have to stifle their dreams in order to become something they are not. This is Elayne’s attempt to shed some light on a story which has dwelt behind the curtains and has crept in the darkness for far too long.

The pages of this volume are filled with first hand experiences of women all over the country who face a waterfall of moral depravity which surrounds them daily. Elayne begins by describing the context we stand in and how we got to this place. She uncovers the feminist misdirection and the, almost religion-like, new sexual regime. She then transitions from who we can blame to who we turn to for help. She nails the home life down as the main component in turning the corner. She asks questions of brothers and sisters, moms and dads, universities and peer groups, that you don’t find floating around in these very different contexts.

This book plays out like an independent film documenting the decline of women and then, somewhere near the middle, begins to build up a case of how we can pull back on the yoke and correct this fatal nose dive. Her writing is clear and concise, filled with scripture and sound advice. She includes statistics from a program she developed called Best Friends, which at times sounds more like an advertisement than a helpful anecdote. The information is more along the lines of a self-help manual laying out steps to healing than it does like a narrative of the depravity of humanity, though at times it does include very helpful information regarding daughters today.  It’s books like this that show that the home is truly the best environment for growth and safety for our young daughters and I’m appreciative of Elayne for pointing that out, even in a culture who largely does not.

Daughters in Danger: Helping Our Girls Thrive in Today's Culture
Elayne Bennett, M.ED./Nelson Books, 2014
Review Copy Courtesy of the BookLook Bloggers Review Program

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