When you think of a commentary on any particular book of the bible, images of large volumes written in mostly unspoken languages begin to stir something of a bad taste in your mouth.  That’s the way it’s been for a while now. High and lofty scholars sitting in prestigious academic offices have written on the scriptures, ideas often far beyond the understanding of the normal everyday Christian. There is some hope out there, however, which brings the basic truths of God’s word into the hands of the Christian who doesn’t know Greek, Hebrew, or Aramaic. Enter the Good Book Company and its new set of commentaries, Gods Word for You.

Tim Chester, part of the church-planting initiative The Crowded House, has compiled a small and easily understandable on a crucial epistle, Titus. Titus for You. In more of a devotional style than a commentary, this series brings the truths of the bible into bite-sized chunks which are great for personal study or a group setting. fytitus_hb_large.wdf4j3nwwrwswtopwuqvtkcmop27vjeyThis particular volume on Titus gathers the storyline of Titus to include it in the larger story of the New Testament and even reaches to that of the Old Testament. Chester gives us a broad fly over view of the epistle which one could glean from a couple of readings of the Epistle itself.

The language in this volume is clear and concise, not leading the reader astray with complex theological terms or a Greek diagram of the text. Chester writes in such a way that new believers will greatly benefit from this material and small group leaders would be well-instructed in the basics of Paul’s letter to young Titus. Along with the other volumes currently in circulation and those yet to come from The Good Book Company, this set is an extremely useful set for churches and individuals alike. It’s hard to read one of the volumes without the context of the other volumes but a good reading of this short volume would certainly not hurt.

With big names like Tim Keller and Tim Chester, who currently have published volumes, and Mark Dever and Thabiti Anyabwile, who have volumes on the way, this set is surely set to rise above other commentary sets. These bible expositors have taught many over the fruitful years of their ministry, not by making the text overly complicated but by presenting the text in such a way so that the whole church is built up from the greatest to the least.

I have enjoyed reading through this volume, along with all the other published volumes I own, and reliving the storyline of the epistles. I think sometimes we try to make the text too far beyond the reach of ordinary guys like me and so I appreciate it when great PH.D’s can bring the text into my home so that I can share it with my children and friends in an understandable manner. I commend this book for new believers and small groups everywhere.

Titus For You
Tim Chester/The Good Book Company, 2014
Review Copy Courtesy of Cross Focused Reviews

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