Every man has a yearning deep down for success. Whether that success come from the corporate world, the small business world, or the plethora of other vices, we all want to be considered a success in this life. We can’t help this yearning, it’s built into the very life blood that flows through our veins.

For me this success comes in the form of leading my family. I want my children and my wife and those near our circle to see me as a successful parent whom they can learn from. Sometimes this need comes out in selfish ways and other times it manifests itself in humble actions which I don’t plan to be used as successes.

The Real Win: A Man’s Quest for Authentic Success (Multnomah Books, 2013) is about winning, but not according to what we think winning looks like but according to how God has called us to authentic success. This book is about men who want to win, men who fail, men who lose, and how those things reshape us into the men God has called us to be. It’s about, as the authors say, “Winning the way God intended, because it’s the only way that lasts”.

71EHJPNPfSL._SL1500_This volume covers 4 spheres which overlap every mans life; Home, Work, Character, and Life. McCoy and Carter work through these spheres while flipping the pages of the Bible so that the spheres and the text never become separated. They cover big topics in this text that most men are uncomfortable with, or have been programmed to ignore. They show us a big view of masculinity through the spectacles of biblical revelation. More men need to read books like this one, and lets face it, having a QB from the 49ers doesn’t hurt either.

This book and ones like it cover topics which are rapidly disappearing from the literature which is flooding into churches these days and it couldn’t have come at a worse time. In a culture which is declining into moral gray areas and a popular opinion that leads Christians at many times ostracized, the message of success from the Word of God is slowly going the way of the buffalo.

The included study guide in the back of the text is intended to be used in a group setting but can certainly be used in isolation. They urge the readers to seek God through the entirety of the text with personal narratives, effective strategies, and biblical directives. They never stray too far from the text of Gods word when seeking to apply these principles to our lives and we should earnestly seek out more men who are willing to do so. Overall I think this volume is useful in the application, compelling in the narrative, and helpful in the group discussion. We should all be fortunate for these two guys to write a book so timely.

About The Authors 

COLT MCCOY is an NFL quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers. As a college student, he was the winningest quarterback in the history of NCAA football and led his University of Texas team to the 2010 BCS national championship game. During his senior year, Colt won thirteen of the top fifteen major college player awards, including quarterback of the year, offensive player of the year, and outstanding football player of the year. The 2008 Heisman trophy runner-up, Colt is involved in several ministries around the world. Colt and his wife, Rachel, live in Austin, Texas.

MATT CARTER is founding pastor of the eight thousand-member Austin Stone Community Church. He champions the For the City Network, which helps churches partner with social service agencies to meet local needs. Matt is the author of several books and he speaks at conferences nationwide. He holds a master of divinity from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and is pursuing a doctorate of ministry from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. He and his wife, Jennifer, have three children.

MARCUS BROTHERTON is the author or co-author of more than twenty-fi ve books, including the New York Timesbestseller We Who Are Alive and Remain, about surviving members of the Band of Brothers. He lives with his family in Washington state.


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