Breaking The Bonds of Pornography: A Review of Finally Free from Heath Lambert

Finally FreeFinally Free: Fighting for Purity with the Power of Grace (Zondervan, 2013) is not just a book about pornography. It is that, but it’s so much more. This is a book about the overwhelming sweetness of God’s grace in freeing sinners from the bonds of pornography and all that come with it. It’s a book about, as the subtitle suggests, Fighting For Purity With The Power of Grace.

Men and Women have fallen prey to the devastating sin of pornography and many more will continue to do so unless something radical is done. What are we do to as a society? Are we to delete more than a billion sites from the internet while many more pop up every day? Should we have mandatory classes for parents on how to talk to your kids about sex and gender roles?  I don’t think the answer lies in any of these things solely but in showing people the one thing which can change hearts and restore relationships; the unmatchable glory and greatness of the God we serve. That’s what this book is all about. 

Dr. Heath Lambert is the associate professor of Biblical Counseling at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary so when he says, “I have sat with you in your living room, warned you of the dangers of the sin you are committing. cried with you in your brokenness over that sin, and walked with you in your journey toward change. I know your desire to be finally free from the bondage of pornography and my prayer is that this book will help you fight for purity with the power of grace”, he knows what he is talking about. 

Lambert lays out 8 foundations which we can use to stand on in our fight against this sin; Sorrow, Accountability, Radical Measures, Confession, Spouse (or Singleness), Humility, Gratitude, and a Dynamic Relationship with Jesus. These foundations, built on grace, are a daily task which we must not forget lest we fall back into the routine of daily seeking after porn. One can get porn anywhere these days. With the technological explosion of blogs and an endless array of sites, anyone can get a hold of even the darkest and sickest desires with a couple clicks of a button. 

Lambert shows us how we can be free from those desires but showing us a better option. He shows us how to desire God. He shows us how to walk in the Grace of God instead of in the shame of our past. He does this with generations of fallen men, women, and families as the proof of the destructive nature of this sin. He urges us to begin today with God and start down that grace filled journey into the greatness and glory of God. 

A foreword written by Joshua Harris, who has been very influential in my own life and ministry, writes with an urgency not sensed by many in the church today. He brings the reader into a beautiful room which has one big problem, weeds. He doesn’t just call us to kill the weed but to rip it out. sometimes that’s what this battle feels like, a ripping out of what’s been growing for so long. So I stand with Harris and Lambert in saying that we need to utterly destroy this weed called porn. This book is probably the best call I’ve seen issued on the subject and will certainly use it in the future.



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