Register Reviews: The New Spirit-Filled Life Bible by Jack Hayford

Spirit Filled Life BibleJack Hayford has been somewhat influential in the making of the person I am today. It is through his teaching I learned the beauty of what the Holy Spirit puts into operation in the life of a believer. Though firmly protestant, I have been helped by those on the charismatic side of the fence. I do not stand with many of the protestants today who want to use borderline hate speech when referring to the charismatic movement and so I stand at an odd intersection when it comes to doctrine and charisma. I was excited when I received the new Spirit-Filled Life Bible which is edited by Jack Hayford and includes some pretty impressive contributions from big time pastors and theologians.

Alongside the scholarly writings of Hayford, names like Oral Roberts, Dick Eastman and James Robison offer up pastoral and applicable teachings on the truths of scripture. Among the many articles spread throughout the Scriptures are framed boxes of wisdom in the name of Word Wealth, Kingdom Dynamics, and Truth In Action sections.

The Word Wealth sections lend to the instruction in understanding key words in order that God’s word might be read in a clearer light. These sections include teaching on both the Greek and Hebrew in important sections which assist the reader in piecing together a higher view of scripture and a deeper level of personal enjoyment. These words are followed by Strong’s numbering system which can be found in the dictionary portion of Strong’s. Also attached to these words are similar words so that a fuller study may be done. Hayford has placed a lengthy index at the beginning of the bible for those looking for specific words.

Another great section of this study bible which sets it apart is the Kingdom Dynamic sections. These are very short articles written for the purpose of grasping truths which the church has used in order to advance the Kingdom of God and walk in the power of the Spirit. Expanded enrichment lends itself to the study of these dynamics, which linked together, can be studied throughout the text of the Bible. These little commentaries have been helpful in use as devotional material.

The New Spirit-Filled Life Bible has been done in the thought-for-thought translation of the NLT. I have several NLT translations and have been helped when dealing with difficulty of language that other translations offer. It takes the thought of the writers and makes it into a modern rendering of the text which is useful for a younger audience and the grasping of biblical truths across language barriers.

The NSFLB is printed in color which lends to its heft. It is a hardcover bible with a simple cover adorned by the famous logo that has been used in past versions of this bible. The pages are thicker in order that the color does not bleed through and make the text near impossible to read. The color also lends to the “popping” of articles and eye-catching framed boxes. A careful look at the dictionary/concordance at the back shows an in-depth layout of 115 pages of biblical insight and organization.

I would highly recommend this bible to those who are not offended by the charismatic movement and it’s forerunners. The articles are well thought and put together. Though I wouldn’t want some names on the roster (like Paul Crouch, a large part of the prosperity gospel propagators) I think the bible for the most part has truth we can all learn from. Since my first Spirit-Filled Life bible I can see all the new updates this new version has to offer the reader and Hayford does not disappoint. I still have my first bible I bought from the Hayford library in the NKJV version and it still provides me with deep truths from God’s word.


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