gaw01_godsatwar_pI think the culture today likes to sugarcoat sin by calling it a mistake or a flair or something to that effect but to call it as it really is could be costly. If we really called it what is was it would look like, Gods at War, a new release from Kyle Idleman. Here is a very candid look at the often overlooked topic of idolatry. If the church were to take this book seriously and the topics discussed therein, it would change the way we communicate with each other at the end of the day. Kyle brings this point to a head in the intro to Gods at War when he tells us, “The gods are at war, and their strength is not to be underestimated. These gods clash for the throne of your heart, and much is at stake, Everything about me, everything I do, every relationship I have, everything I hope or dream or wish to become, depends upon what god wins the war.” [pullquote4 align=”left” variation=”blue”]You can’t understand the seriousness of idolatry without understanding the jealousy of God. And you can’t understand his jealousy without some understanding of his relentless, powerful love for you, because they are intertwined. [/pullquote4]

It seems that a major premise in this book is to reveal the true nature of our lives and to expose the deceit that has crept into the minds of the body of God. Kyle does more than excellent in making the point that these gods are battling for our hearts and many times we choose to worship a lesser god instead of the God. Kyle takes the reader through three temples of idolatry and exposes the lies each one can speak to us. Pleasure, power, and love are on the forefront of many minds today, a place which God demands he alone should have. Walking through stories of those struggling to make gods out of sex, money, and ourselves fill the pages of this book with relevant truths and correlations to studies done which show the scientific side of these areas. One such study Kyle includes makes note of the long-term effects of viewing pornography. Of the most significant, in my opinion, is the decrease in how much one views faithfulness telling us that, “Sex outside of marriage begins to seem less forbidden, more of a real option”.[pullquote4 align=”right” variation=”blue”]The battlefield of the gods is your heart. Your heart is shaped by your thoughts. Your thoughts determine who will win the throne for your heart.[/pullquote4]

This “case study” of idolatry is much-needed in our day and I am thankful that Kyle has pushed this issue to the forefront or our minds. He includes many hilarious footnotes which were popular in his earlier book, Not a Fan. He also includes at the end of the chapters sections he refers to as Idol ID, a section including questions shaped for you to expose the idols in your life, and Choosing Jesus, a section which is intended for overcoming the idols by using the biblical text as a sword and shield against the devastating effects of idolatry. Kyle writes with outstanding clarity which makes this a quick read though not an easy one. Serious issues mixed with biblical text and personal stories make this book a hit with those who are seeking truth in the midst of a flurry of attacks from the outside. The church needs this book and can ill afford to overlook its relevance for today and for the foreseeable future. I would highly recommend this book to any Christian who has questions about sin and the devastating effects it has on our lives. Take up this book and read with earnest, but don’t stop there. Tell the Church to take up this book and read. A careful study examining the truth of this book may be worth the time.

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