theology_jonathan_edwardsThe Theology of Jonathan Edwards

Scholars and laypersons alike regard Jonathan Edwards (1703-58) as North America’s greatest theologian. The Theology of Jonathan Edwards is the most comprehensive survey of his theology yet produced and the first study to make full use of the recently-completed seventy-three-volume online edition of the Works of Jonathan Edwards. The book’s forty-five chapters examine all major aspects of Edwards’s thought and include in-depth discussions of the extensive secondary literature on Edwards as well as Edwards’s own writings. Its opening chapters set out Edwards’s historical and personal theological contexts. The next thirty chapters connect Edwards’s theological loci in the temporally-ordered way in which he conceptualized the theological enterprise-beginning with the triune God in eternity with his angels to the history of redemption as an expression of God’s inner reality ad extra, and then back to God in eschatological glory.

192597The Theology of Augustine

Using seven of Augustine’s most important texts, distinguished theologian Matthew Levering introduces the thought of this towering figure in an accessible and understandable text. Complementary to other introductions on Augustine, and ideal as a guide through the seven treatise Levering examines this book will bring Augustine to a wider audience including church leaders, laity, and students. Moreover, because the Augustinian corpus is so large, it will also prove very beneficial to scholars who often need to know Augustine but have not read him.

aquinasSumma Theologiae

Here in one volume is a new translation of St. Thomas Aquinas’ masterwork in surprisingly non-technical modern English and paragraph format. For the first time the Summa, which synthesizes with immense scholarship and brilliance Aristotelian learning on the nature of the world and the human person with biblical teaching on God’s loving purpose in creating them, is available in a concisely distilled translation and in a form that will appeal both to professional students and to interested general readers

9780814722992_FullSuffer The Little Children

This compelling work examines classic and contemporary Jewish and African American children’s literature. Through close readings of selected titles published since 1945, Jodi Eichler-Levine analyzes what is at stake in portraying religious history for young people, particularly when the histories in question are traumatic ones. In the wake of the Holocaust and lynchings, of the Middle Passage and flight from Eastern Europe’s pogroms, children’s literature provides diverse and complicated responses to the challenge of representing difficult collective pasts.

augSaint Augustine & The Fall Of The Soul

Augustine’s understanding of the origin of the soul and the nature of its fall looms as one of the most important and controversial questions among Augustinian scholars since Robert J. O’Connell first began publishing on the topic. O’Connell argued that Augustine embraced Plotinus’s doctrine that the soul existed before the body and only fell into bodily life as the result of sin. Such a position, however, is fundamentally incompatible with Christian anthropology: bodily life is intrinsically corrupted; physical existence is regrettable. The supposition that the most influential Christian theologian after St. Paul maintained such a position generated sharp division between scholars who were convinced by O’Connell and those who were not. A scholarly consensus on the subject has not yet developed.



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