Excerpt from Deeply Loved by Keri Wyatt Kent


Do I trust God? In the midst of the valley, in the fear and anger—yes, I trust him. I have come to a place where I trust even when I don’t know the outcome.

God calls us to trust him when things are still a mess—or seem to be. Our fear blinds us to the blessings that are all around us. Even I’m challenged to heed my own advice: trust. Fix what you can; let go of what you can’t. Pray like crazy to try to figure out which is which…

To trust is to admit that you are not God, that you cannot control the outcome of situations, that you will show up, listen hard to your calling, do the work, and open your hands. It is the hardest way to live, and yet, the most exhilarating.

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About the Author:

Keri Wyatt Kent is the author of ten books, a freelance writer and speaker. She writes and speaking about slowing down, simplifying and listening to God. To learn more, join Keri on a 40 day Lent study of her book on Facebook or by following her on Twitter (@KeriWyattKent #DeeplyLoved).

Excerpt from Deeply Loved: 40 Ways in 40 Days to Experience the Heart of Jesus by Keri Wyatt Kent. © by Abingdon Press. Used by Permission.


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