Rest: In the fullness of peace

At some point in my life Christ began to speak to me by way of his Holy Spirit. There have been times Christ has spoken to me and given me the words of an entire poem that has just blessed the crap out me. This morning (January 22) was one of those mornings. On the verge of life changing opportunities, Christ spoke through a song and these are the words He gave me.


Your love never fails and never gives up

It has become my rest in the midst of my haste

The tears well up in my eyes

A peace which no words could possibly express

Have become a firm foundation on the verge of a new life

A chance to see more of my children

No more missing first steps or monumental developments

A chance to steal afresh the affections of my wife

You O LORD have been the driving force behind all these miles

You have guided me and protected my life in your hands

These miles are a blessing and a curse but both are of your hands

Eliminate these miles O God that I may be a present guide for my children

Let me be to them a rock in which they can see your glory Father

Through sleepless nights and restless mornings you have been my peace

In the fulness of that peace I long to stake my tent

Bring me to the mountain of your praise and let my cup runneth over

Deliver me from these wilderness wanderings into a new land

A new life

A new hope

A new love for the authority of your words O Sovereign One

Let me rest in the fullness of that peace which surpasses all understanding

You are my rock El Shaddai

Those who hope in you will not be put to shame

But behold, they shall conquer in overwhelming fashion

For in you I find my very breath

Let every word I speak be to your glory and praise


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