Book Review: The Conviction to Lead by Albert Mohler

9781441260567Since receiving the call of God on my life to make disciples I have struggled to make that a tangible reality. I have tried and failed at many things throughout the years. It has been roughly 10 years since that calling and not a whole lot of headway as far as ministry has been made and frankly I feel a little stagnant when it comes to producing a crop worthy of calling a ministry. I don’t have any formal education or leadership training so most of my advance, if you can call it that, has come at my own expense and I constantly feel like I am needing to catch up on things that many people are already aware of. For example, I recently accepted the truths of Reformed Theology about a year ago and prior to that I had never heard of Systematic Theology. Everyone I talk to has at least a shallow knowledge of it and can at minimum explain some of its tenants. Out of this lack of knowledge I have built a library, which come to find out, is filled in a systematic way. I have books on knowing God, the reliability of Scripture, Anthropology, Christology and so on. What my library does not have is books on leadership. I always felt that studying theology and the christian life was enough in itself to build a storehouse of knowledge, I now see how wrong I was.

Albert Mohler has written this book for people like me. I found The conviction to lead was a very handy and eye-opening volume of helpful resources built for those who want to lead but aren’t sure where to start. Dr. Mohler takes the time to spell out the convictions of a leader that will either make or break a whole leaders worldview. Dr. Mohler tells us that,

“Passion arises out of beliefs. For the Christian leader, those convictions must be drawn from the Bible and must take the shape of the gospel. Our ultimate conviction is that everything we do is dignified and magnified that we were made for his glory, and this means that each one of us has a divine purpose.”

Dr. Mohler writes from personal experience, sharing many stories from his own life and his rise to leadership and the presidency of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. His stories are inspiring, though many will not experience the demands as he has, many will find his 25 principles simple yet profound. This is not a new book on how to be a leader, this is a book built upon the gospel and meant for transformative leadership. I highly commend this book to anyone who would question if they are to be leaders or who are already in leadership positions.

Not only are these principles on leadership but for those who may serve as deacons or teachers in the church I would recommend a read through this book. The principles will only help the ministry which you serve. If your pastor has not read this book may I recommend it as a gift. There may be no more important leadership in the church that the man who stands in the pulpit and expounds the word of God. The pastor may not be cut out for CEO work but he is called to lead Gods people and must do so with a conviction to lead.

Top Quotes:

What could be better than seeing people learn to receive and embrace the right beliefs, seeing those beliefs and truths take hold, and then watching the organization move into action on the basis of those beliefs?

Leadership happens when followers develop nothing less than delight in knowing the convictions that shape the organization, seeing themselves as a part of the organization’s story, and finding themselves in its narrative.

Never apologizing for having a message and for wanting that message to receive the widest possible coverage and exposure.

The leader is the one individual within the organization that is never, ever totally disconnected from those he leads-and the leader who complains about that is not qualified to lead.

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