Imagine being able to enjoy what is infinitely enjoyable with
unbounded energy and passion forever. This is not our experience
now. Three things stand in the way of our complete satisfaction in
this world. One is that nothing here has a personal worth great
enough to meet the deepest longings of our hearts. Another is that
we lack the strength to savor the best treasures to their maximum
worth. And the third obstacle to complete satisfaction is that our
joys here come to an end. Nothing lasts.
But if the aim of the gospel—the aim of Jesus in John 17:26 and
the aim of Paul in 1 Timothy 1:11 and 2 Corinthians 4:4-6—comes
true, all this will change. If God’s pleasure in the Son becomes our
pleasure, then the object of our pleasure, Jesus, will be inexhaustible
in personal worth. He will never become boring or disappointing or
frustrating. No greater treasure can be conceived than the very Son
of God. Moreover, our ability to savor this inexhaustible treasure
will not be limited by human weaknesses. We will enjoy the Son of
God with the very enjoyment of his omnipotently happy Father.
God’s delight in his Son will be in us, and it will be ours. And this
will never end, because neither the Father nor the Son ever ends.
Their love for each other will be our love for them, and therefore
our loving them will never die.
This is the ultimate reason why the gospel is good news. If this
does not come true for Christ’s people, there is no good news.
Therefore, preaching the good news must endeavor to lead people
to this. We must make plain to people that if their hope stops short
of seeing and savoring the glory of God in Christ, they are not fixing
their hearts on the main thing and the best thing Christ died to
accomplish—seeing and savoring the glory of God in the face of
Christ with everlasting and ever-increasing joy.

An excerpt from God is the Gospel, John Piper. Crossway 2005.


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