A quick note on The Red Letter Revolution

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a pretty harsh review of The Red Letter Revolution by Tony Campolo and Shane Claiborne. I was challenged by a reader and wanted to give a quick apology to the authors and publisher (Thomas Nelson) for not reading the material with a little more caution on my part. Once I had the notion, albeit a false one, that Shane and Tony weren’t in line theologically behind Scripture, that notion guided me throughout the rest of the book. Reading those passages again I found that I did read them out of context and grossly misunderstood them in light of the bigger picture the authors were trying to paint. After further review I have no major squabbles with the authors or their opinions laid out in this text. They have some really good things to say, some challenging items to place before us, and some momentum built to begin building toward an ecumenical future. I hope they will consider this a sincere apology on my part as to the error or my interpretation. I hope your views were not tarnished by my review, if they were I hope that you will give this book a second glance and maybe even a third.


One Reply to “A quick note on The Red Letter Revolution”

  1. Don,
    Thank you so much for this apology. Upon reading your initial review I was heartbroken. My first though was, “well isn’t this great, another so- called Christian” distorting what Shane and Tony are teaching.” I reminisced to the take- down piece of this book by ‘Christianity Today’ and truly wondered if their message of Christ- like and Christ- centered living would ever survive in mainstream evangelicalism. Having lived near the area of Philadelphia where Shane’s ministry exists I saw, on a weekly basis, lives being transformed by Christ. Not only the lives of the people of North Philadelphia but also the lives of the Brothers and Sisters working with ‘The Simple Way’ being radically transformed. Thank you for putting aside your doctrinal disagreements and coming to truly understand the hearts of the authors. Blessings and love, brother.


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