Book Review: Help For The Fractured Soul by Candyce Roberts

Help For The Fractured Soul is unlike any book that I have read in the past. It’s based on the premise of a prayer ministry for helping those who have experienced deep trauma in their lives. Not that I’m a stranger to prayer ministry or even to its cousin, intercessory prayer, but to read a book full of stories from people who have had deep pain and trauma from sexual abuse and the like is a tough pill to swallow. Candyce Roberts begins at the very foundation of her ministry, which is to help those who have, “Survived long-term intentional abuse that began in childhood and often continued into adulthood”. She continues, “This type of abuse was perpetrated by family members, authority figures or caregivers. These perpetrators continually intimidated, manipulated and, when deemed necessary, used violence to secure the submission of their victims”.

The many real life stories that follow are gripping, each in its own way. At some point in the book the stories became redundant but I understood that in such a particular ministry there has to be some overlap of stories and situations, as is the case with any ministry. The chapters as a cohesive unit, played well with each other and the further I pressed on the more the foundation was built upon. This text helped to open up my eyes further into the world of the psychological mindset of evil, and to the depths that the devil will go to keep a person wrapped up in bondage and hopelessness.

Overall this book was well written with hard-hitting stories of actual events. The explanations did not seem to complex for even the simplest of readers to comprehend. Each part of the whole fit well into the other sections and helped to further the understanding of the type of situations one must be prepared for when doing prayer ministry. Roberts does a good job of encouraging those in that ministry but also does well to caution those who would leap too quickly towards diagnosing problems apart from a medical diagnosis of a specific situation. I would recommend this book to a very specific group of people who would seek to operate, or have been called to do so, in a medical setting or pastoral role that would deal with deep trauma in the lives of so many.

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2 Replies to “Book Review: Help For The Fractured Soul by Candyce Roberts”

    1. It was an odd book to read so honestly I don’t recall too many specifics. I don’t think the book specified in which ways she prayed that was helpful, all it records is the outcome.


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