June’s Epic Hail Storm

On 06/06/2012 my family and I witnessed the most awesome and devastating hail storm ever. The hail stones crushed our landscaping and sounded as if they were going to come right through the roof. In some areas  the hail was so severe that people were trapped in their cars because the hail built up more than half the distance of their cars. Luckily there were no damages to our important property or any of my family members.

Watching the hail reminded me of an important aspect of the Bible. Gods grace falls on both the righteous and the wicked and though I may not understand it, God does. Though the hail crushed everything in its path, it also brought water to a dry and drought-ridden state. In theology we commonly call this practice, of grace on the righteous and the wicked, common grace. The book of Romans clearly portrays that the reason God does not act upon evil at this current moment, though sometimes he does, is because of his kindness. Though his wrath is being stored up, he is creating a window in these last days so that we may come to a knowledge of him who created us. Do not be one of those who hardens your heart against God. His wrath is surely being stored up and as the Bible tells us, it is a terrible things to fall into the hands of the living God.


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