Ministry Monday: Thriving

I love the city. I was born and raised in the San Fernando Valley. Living in the city I was enlightened to the unending diversity and the overwhelming need of those living there. Thriving has been influential for me in the regard that their teaching comes from a truly urban context. Gospel centeredness has long been forgotten and the city has unfortunately fallen into that same category. If we can bring the gospel to the least reached inner-city then we can begin to transform a people for the Glory of God.


Thriving, an urban resource collaborative that seeks to systematically provide sound theological training, character development and functional tools among urban leaders.


In America, African-American and Latino people groups have some of the most pressing needs for solid biblical church planting to take place in their contexts. In addition, Theological Educators that teach, write, and contribute to the academy is extremely lacking. When we speak of runway, some of the normal developmental tools that are assumptions in the general church planting and academic world are absent in these leaders church experience. From basic discipleship, theological education opportunities, fund-raising pool, and leadership that understands their calling are to name a few.

Those of us who have the runway developed have to put on Saul’s armor for a season in order to prepare for a ministry in our indigenous contexts. Many times the church and context we are admitted into is comprehensively alien to where we will actually minister.

Jesus did not disconnect context from discipleship, rather He made disciples in the context that they would ministry in. Upon re-entry we have to relearn or learn how to contextualize what we have learned out of context in context. As much as many ministries are principally based they cannot help but transfer their ministry preferences and the contextual shaping they either knowingly or unknowingly transfer to those they train. This has been necessary because of the absence of leaders in the urban context who are biblically qualified and who view the kingdom as larger that their local assembly. Hopefully Thrive will fill some of that void.

Core Convictions

Gospel Centeredness

Romans 1:16
We believe that the gospel is the source of all authentic ministry. Everything that we do must be driven by and flow from the nutrition of Christ’s finished work on the cross and the power of His resurrection.

Under-engaged Urban Contexts

Romans 16:20
Our desire is for contexts that have been neglected of viable gospel witnesses to be intentionally targeted for ministry.

Leadership Development

Acts 14:21-23
We will disciple leaders by the strength of Christ who become Biblically qualified in Character, Family health, Gifting and a commitment to Theological depth.

Biblically Rooted

Psalm 1:1-2
Our desire is to see the word of God produce ministry in the city that flourishes in biblical health.

Comprehensive Discipleship

Colossians 1:28
We want to join Jesus through His work by applying the truth of the gospel to the whole man.


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