O LORD, hear your servant when I cry out in your courts

Do not let my voice merely echo and fall to the ground

It is you who lifts my horn and sounds the call

It is you, O God, who pours the oil of gladness out upon me

Let me not be shaken in times of stress

I cling to the hem of your robe, for you are my stronghold

Lift my eyes up to the highest heights, where you are enthroned

Circumcise this heart of stone and instill in me one that is flesh

I feel this strange strength in my soul

An indwelling of a mighty rushing wind

Like the falling of many mighty tongues of flames

What could this strange occurrence be?

It’s………….my heart………….it beats with a resounding praise

It beats with the lyre and the lute

It lifts it shout before you, O God, for it will not be overthrown

REJOICE again I say REJOICE, O my soul

Be glad within me, for your salvation has come riding on a white horse

Lift up my eyes, O God of Jacob, to see the legions of your mighty saints

Let me live this life in reverent awe of you

Let the fires of hell not consume me

Instead let the glory of your risen Lamb clothe me in splendor and I will be like him

Take up the hyssop reed and sprinkle me with thy righteousness

For it is to you alone LORD that I live this life in the power of the righteousness of Christ

Praise be to you alone, God of Israel


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