Awaken The Dawn: A Prayer For Clarity

The fog breaks away as the brilliance of your majesty shines on the horizon. The clouds scatter and the snow laden peaks glow as hot embers beneath your mighty power. I pray this morning LORD that you would clear the fog that surrounds me. Awaken the Dawn and come quickly LORD to the defense of your child. Lift me up LORD that I may rest in your shadow and sustain me by the power of your mighty right arm. Wrap me in the garment of your righteousness, that I may be as your Son. Purify me in the river of life and I will live. What do confusion and clarity have in common, O LORD? Do you ordain one and not the other? Do you not hold all the stars in your hand and know the very number of sand on the sea shores? For it is you, O Sovereign LORD, who gives and who takes away. Yet my soul will cry out, blessed be the name of the LORD. For you are Holy as you sit on your throne whom you share with no one. Your Glory sits at your right hand and you have made His enemies a footstool for Him.

O LORD, when your wind blows and I bend beneath the weight of it,  as a reed in the wind, do not breathe so hard that I would break. In your divine forbearance, look upon me and see the image of your Son. I feel the weight, O LORD, of your glare and I cannot stand up underneath it. Give me wings to soar and I will be like the mighty eagle. Give me legs to run and I will be like the gazelle on the heights of the mountains. Give me lungs to breathe and I will exhaust my breath with your praises. O LORD, you are my joy and I will glory in you all the days of my life. I long for the days when your throne is before my eyes and your courts are a firm foundation underneath me. Fill me with strength Father, and I will seek you in the morning. Praise belongs to you alone Father.


2 Replies to “Awaken The Dawn: A Prayer For Clarity”

  1. Don,
    That is a beautiful prayer, and it reminds me of the Lord that we serve – who is so merciful. You sought the Lord for a ministry and He has surely given one. You asked and the Lord delivered.
    May the Lord continue to inspire and place the message in your heart, so that you may be able to bless others.


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