We here at TheRebuilding Blog are always looking for ways in which to build up the body of God. This has been done through means of solid biblical teaching, personal life-changing stories, practical wisdom, and book reviews, among others. Each of the authors who represent TheRebuilding have unique personal situations, education, teaching styles, and past experiences in which we use to convey, to you the reader, what Christ is doing and has done in our lives. TheRebuilding subscribes to Reformed Theology as a covering under which we operate as far as theology goes. We by no means agree on every point of doctrine such as, Justification or Sanctification, yet we agree and are working towards a gospel-centered operation with this blog. There are some non-negotiable points of scripture in which we hold to tightly and there are those which, to us are negotiable, or non-damnable. We are constantly open to growth in our theology as the Holy Spirit continues to illuminate the Word and as we continuously study to show ourselves approved.

There is a movement arousing itself in the world today which has carried with it the term, “New Calvinism”. Let me say that this movement is not a new thing yet is a rediscovering of timeless biblical truth. This generation has come to a buffet of theology and is picking what each individual person thinks looks good. They are looking to the past to see what the reformers have done and how the martyrs have lived out the gospel. We are a generation who looks backwards to the examples of godly men, such as John Calvin, Martin Luther, Charles Spurgeon, David Brainerd, D.L.Moody and the likes. That’s what this new movement is all about, a rediscovering of those things which are necessary to move the church back into a correct understanding of God’s word. It’s sort of like a new reformation happening in the church today and it’s spreading with great speed and precision.

People in my generation have always asked the why question and it’s no different with this “new” understanding going around. Why did the reformers do it the way they did? Why would we not give our lives for the gospel if that’s what Christ calls us to? Why is it important to understand the work of Christ? All these questions have answers which are rooted in the pages of scripture. TheRebuilding is also moving in a new direction in which we also want to answer the questions this world is asking. We by no means have all the answers, nor will we, for we see in part. One thing we do have though, the revealed word of God in the pages of the Bible and the personal revelation which comes by the Holy Spirit. We can only proclaim to you that which Christ proclaims to us. We in no way create imaginary scenarios in which we rip scripture out of context. Behind the scenes through conversation we tackle the tough issues between ourselves and learn from each other. Like I said before, we each come from unique experiences in which we can learn from each other.

The authors for TheRebuilding Blog live on the same street, figuratively, but in different houses. So it doesn’t really matter if you claim Calvinism, Baptist Faith, Sovereign Grace or any of those other names. We don’t care what name you go by or what name you call us, but remember this when considering TheRebuilding Blog. We are a group of men, called of God, equipped with the word and the revelation. We don’t have all the answers, we don’t claim to be better than anyone, yes we believe in differing doctrine but we believe that at the heart of this ministry is a man who hung on a tree for our sins even while we did not deserve it. That’s what TheRebuilding is all about, Christ and him crucified, nothing more and nothing less.


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