Book Review: How the Gospel brings us all the way home – Derek Thomas

Easily one of the top books I will read all year. Derek Thomas has compiled a gospel centered view which comes to us through Romans 8. Step by Step the author brings us through one of the most thought provoking chapters in the entire bible. Paul’s view of cross-centered theology has brought about a unique chapter in which our life in Christ in captured in a few sentences. Derek Thomas does well to bring about practical application and words of wisdom, which is what I believe Paul had in mind when he penned these words under the influence of the Spirit. One of the points made in this book is that by faith in Christ, a way has been made for us to come to the father and be reconciled by the power of the Spirit. Derek Thomas puts it this way:

“At the cross, the wrath that my sins deserve was poured out on the Substitute. Justice was satisfied and atonement was given. My sins were imputed to the Substitute; His righteousness (obedience) was imputed to my account. I receive the benefits of the cross by faith alone.”

The use of old Reformers is completely in step with I expected from this exegesis of Romans 8. I feel connected to those who went before us, such as Calvin and J.C. Ryle, when I read their wisdom attached in these pages referring us to the cross.  The cross of Christ is what Paul had in mind when he wrote and Derek Thomas has the same in mind. Both point us to the exalted, resurrected Christ as the author and finisher of our faith. Maybe the most important aspect I found in this book is the fact that, for those who are reconciled to God, nothing is able to sever us from the love of Christ. Not in the sense that we will never see sickness or death, but in the sense that the accuser may be able to talk big words, but in the end; God wins! Let those who are of Christ rest in this promise:

“Our security is grounded in the objectivity of the finished work of Jesus Christ on our behalf”.

I will be compensated a free book in exchange for this review from Reformation Trust Publishing.


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