“Is not the name of the Lord, the glory of the Lord, the honor of the Lord, the driving impulse among all God’s people?”

This is definitely the driving force behind this book. I found this book to be very helpful in, not only understanding the holiness of our God, but also in leading readers down a path where we can see ourselves as holy in God’s sight. Chapter by Chapter the authors use scripture to point to the perfections of God and draw out his holiness in a clear and understandable way. I believe the message this book offers is the pinnacle of what it means to be Christians and follow a holy and awesome God. The chapters are laid out in a fashion so that you don’t have to read from cover to cover. Each author uses separate pieces of scripture and thoroughly explains their meaning and how it pertains to God and us. Many of the authors are careful to explain to us what holiness means and what it does not mean.

This book starts in the beginning to explain what the word holy means and then leads us slowly and surely on from there. We are led through stories from the Old Testament, where time and again, God’s holiness is profaned and the consequences are poured out. Many have a hard time with God being just and merciful. The authors do well to show us that God is not out to get us, yet because He is holy, there must be a punishment for the belittlement of His name and the scrutinizing of His holiness

“This is the God with whom we have to deal—whether we like Him

or not. He is God, He alone.”

From the holiness of God we are taken through the New Testament and spoken to about what it means to be a holy and priestly nation chosen by God. The authors unpack for us the heart of Peter as he calls on us to perform our duties as God’s chosen people, not a choice people, but those chosen by God in spite of our sinfulness towards him.

“He is saying to you and me, “I want you to be holy.” Is that your

passionate concern? Is that your overwhelming interest? Is that the thing

you long for, pray for, and seek after more than anything else in all the

world? Do you say: “I want to be a holy person; I want to be known as

somebody who is Christ-like, self-denying as Jesus was”? 

Overall I would highly recommend this book to any one I come in contact with. If you need an overview of the holiness of God as laid out in scripture then this book is definitely for you. The authors do well to point away from ourselves and onto God for the true meaning of holiness. In compensation for writing this review I will receive a free copy of the book from Reformation Trust Publishing.


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